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Coach Paul Kleverlaan

Founder of Court Coverage

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Paul is the head coach and founder of Court Coverage.

He has a wide range of experience as a tennis player and as a coach and is currently still playing at a high level. You will find Paul at all 3 Court Coverage tennis clubs.

Born in: 1970
Coaching experience: 1987 - present
Qualification: Tennis Australia Club Master Coach, AATC level 3 Advanced Coach, Estess level 9
Plays: Righthanded
Backhand: Single handed
Favourite players: John McEnroe & Maria Sharapova
Achievements: Paul became world champion 40+ in 2010 and has a career high seniors world ranking of 4 in singles and 8 in doubles.

Coaches at: Casey Tennis Centre, Casey Fields Tennis Club, Clyde Tennis Club

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